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Electro Monster

Electro monster a premium scooter brand. Building a brand identity is for electro monster is to invoke the luxury essence and creating a logo with strong elements that will help the audience connect with the brand.




Electro Monster



Electro Monster-15.png

Electro Monster

Concept 1

Exploration with wheel and electric form 

Electro Monster-18.png

Concept 2

Exploration with a form structure of the letter “E” and creating a personality the letter that the audience will connect.

Electro Monster-17.png

Concept 3

Exploration of a formation of “E” and “M.The positive space displays “E” and the negative 

space reads out “M”.

Electro Monster-16.png

To start with branding it is important to understand the business vision and create focus areas

The best way to reflect the vision here is to focus on 3 

main areas  :

1) Electric segment

2) New millennial premium lifestyle culture 

3)Creating something fresh that would look good in all 

applications (Eg on the scooter, showroom, experience centres, charging station etc)

Understanding the goal of the business which help us in creating the design direction

  1. The design trend I focused on was :

  2. Keeping the logo scalable

  3. Keeping the logo less literal

  4. Exaggerated negative space 

  5. A geometric shape to make the logo have a premium 

electro monster.png
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