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Insurance Management App 

To provide the customers with a one-stop solution to manage their health insurance policies with ease and transparency along with motivating users to stay healthy by just walking.


Mobile App


Insurance company





Mobile App

The  Client is a leading standalone health insurer offering a large number of customer care services to help people stay healthy and fit always. They started the journey of uncomplicating health insurance in the country by digitalizing the complete health insurance process in the easiest way.

According to research if a person walks 10,000 steps a day. then he will stay healthy and our client promoted the same by giving the insured an additional discount of 8% at the time of renewal for walking 10,000 steps a day. To prove that the insured has achieved the target, he has to link his smartphone to the health insurer’s servers.


The discount is going to motivate the user to walk and hence keeping them healthy which is a win-win situation for both company and the customer.

Stay Active Module,

USPof the product 

 Business Goal  and  Challenges

Some services related to claim filing and policy management were offline and some  were available on the mobile app that caused mismanagement of policies and 


To Redesign and Add new modules to an already existing mobile application, for policy and claims management.

To Redesign the ‘Stay Active’ module. 

Solution Approach

Our main task was to understand the user base from the research conducted and pick the relevant data from the user research conducted by the client. 

The Policy management module and Network hospital module needed a redesign to enhance the overall usability. 

The Claims module needed a deep understanding of the whole process, so we did the end to end research with the in-house team to stitch the offline and online tasks for claim filing together into one digital module that is transparent and easy to use. 

For Stay Active Module, we used 

gamification to motivate the user to stay healthy in a fun way hence increasing the user engagement on the mobile application.


The Medical module was put on hold by the client for the next release of the product.

Working on Information Architecture   

We gave structure to the information collected during the research phase so that users would adjust to the functionality of the product and could find everything they need without much effort.


Key areas to focus 

The Insights generated while researching and defining the IA helped us to understand the gap in the current system and gave us a clear picture of what we should be focussing on while designing.

Increased Efficiency by reducing TAT for claims processing by performing all activities from the digital platform.

Easy Policy and claims management and extraction of policy details.

Gamification to motivate users to walk more steps/day by setting a target and acknowledging with appreciation when the user crosses the target score. 


User Engagement via gamification 

Creating beautiful, intuitive interfaces

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