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Brand identity for kubera corporates

A new upcoming brand with a vision to spear into multiple industries needed an identity. We helped them set up a brand identity that would help the business to achieve a strong presence.




Kubera Corporates



Kubera corporates.png



Every brand has an individual identity and as a designer, we have to bring that out visually understanding the audience so that they can connect with them. 

Here it is important to set the tone of the brand which has to evoke specific feelings for the audience. This brand had a complete B2B approach and the audience here come with completely different behaviour.

The square-grid layout forming the ground structure of the brand identity

The square can represent basics, structure, Strength, stability, Power, and balance. The square will symbolise community, integrity, direction, and being practical and elemental. The four sides of the square will symbolise different things. It can represent the four main directions of north, east, south, and west.

It is an ambitious business with an extensive plan of expansion that increases the application areas

The brand identity will be used with an aggressive growth plan and we had to make sure it fits perfectly with the plan. The elements should perfectly fit the business applications areas and we focused on print and paper collaterals majorly as that was the major chunk of action areas.

Getting starter with design

The journey of logo design begins with understanding the business values and vision. Post the phase where we understand the business values, we move towards a conceptualisation phase. By the use of a simple medium, paper and a pen its time to sketch out ideas over ideas. After a discussion with the stakeholder, we filter down the concepts to choose one.

1 – 6.png

Moving ahead to build the right palette and typography for the brand 

Understanding the applications (print and paper collaterals), studying the colour theory we created colour palette options that fit right to the business values and also keeping in mind the likes of the audience. similarly, we created typography options as well.

1 – 7.png
1 – 8.png
1 – 9.png

Crafting the final look and creating the visual experience of the application in real life

We created the final design elements and also designed mockups so that the stakeholder can visualise how the brand identity will come to life. We custom-designed to fit the application of Kubera Corporates.

1 – 9.png
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