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Nayi Disha 

Helping the parents of a child with intellectual and developmental 

disabilities(IDD), to find information and services and connecting 

them with other parents. 


Responsive web app




Nayi disha.png

As per the WHO report, there are 31 million people with IDD in India. Yet, there is a huge information gap when it comes to developmental disabilities. Nayi Disha Resource Centre aims at helping families find essential information, services, and connect them with other families.  


the Business goal 

Our task was to redesign the existing website from ground up while significantly improving the usability issues being faced. 

Understanding the product and the user 

Pasted Graphic 1.png

We analyzed the existing website for its usability and conducted user interviews to have a general understanding of the user’s needs and pain points that helped us creating user persons. 

Research revealed

the gap

How to develop the learning experience for not very tech-savvy user, to let them search for relevant information and services for the Child’s growth easily ?


How to connect parents or caretakers to resolve and discuss each other’s concerns. ?  

User Flow and IA  

We worked on IA of the product to organize the content so that users would easily adjust to the functionality of the product and could find everything they need without big effort

While making user flow the pain points, needs, and goals were taken into consideration on each step of the user takes.

Getting started with design strategy

The Insights generated while researching and defining the IA and Task flow gave us a clear picture as to what features we need to focus on, to make the design intuitive to the user  

Conversational UI for easy 


Personalized information, services, and events.

Easy decision making for services via rating, certification.  

Connecting people via blogging.

Building trust via providing testimonials.


Here we will design the wireframe representation

Creating beautiful, intuitive interfaces 

Artboard – 4.png

After completing the wireframes, we did one round of user testing on the prototype that we have made and incorporated the collected feedback . Then we went ahead 

to strategically implement images, colours, fonts, and other elements,” in order to enhance design and engage users. 

As it is rightly said,  bad design with good usability is equally bad. 

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