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A news reading platform with a personalised approach that focuses on online newsreaders community


Mobile app



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Mobile App


An online study was conducted among online newspaper readers of India. The print has start losing young readers.As per this study 21 percent younger (15-20 age group) generation has reduced the use of traditional media (newspapers),

This gap will increase in coming years in India as younger generation is using Internet from early schooling. They want news on demand, for latest news most of the people heavily rely on search engines. Whereas print newspapers provide news on next day. 

If we study the user behaviour, It can tell us what does the audience expect from the product

  1. Relevance 

  2. Seamless continued experience when user return after a break

  3. Focus on quick overview and dig deep experience independently

  4. News on demand

Understanding the problem area

How might we create a versatile news reading experience catering to horizontal and vertical reading 

The Design Process

The Design Process

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Getting starter with design

The key aspect is to design a strong user flow by mapping a crucial scenario. We designed user flow that helps us in creating the blueprint of the experience of the user with the product. The major focus is keeping the usability standards high and this helps us in driving a focused crazy 8’s activity


Reading behaviour of online readers differ from 

print media

Reading a newspaper is something they do with pleasure and sometime during breakfast, in a coffee break after lunch, on the train or in the subway. In contrast, reading an online newspaper is something you do in much shorter breaks, perhaps between two e-mails, usually in your office in the early morning, or during lunch. Online readers make brief visits to the news sites several times a day with the expectation of obtaining a quick overview of the latest events

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Stepping ahead to the final visualisation phase

Post the wireframing we built a UI guide for the product and used the same to build the visual design for the product.

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